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We encourage our students to develop their social skills and give them room for personal development. We encourage our students to strive towards meaningful goals and support them as they solve the problems they encounter so that they gain increased levels of autonomy. Our philosophy is applied to all levels of our teaching plan. Students are encouraged to get involved in designing the way that they are taught.




Newham London Tuition Centre Tuition has a challenging and inspiring mission to improve and enrich its students' academic prospects through targeted, focused and personalized tutoring. 

We believe that children need a formidable foundation in literacy, numeracy and science to help them excel in other areas of their lives. It is also our firm belief that all young children have academic abilities and therefore we provide the right opportunities for them to apply their knowledge. We personalize learning so that every child is given the opportunity to reach their full potential.

We understand that a child’s ability can blossom with the right support and encouragement. We exist to enforce teaching and learning given in KS1, 2, 3 and 4. Our unique understanding of the national curriculum for schools is the driving force behind our success.




  1. Providing a learning environment where each child is encouraged to develop to the full extent of their ability; where each person is valued and is made aware that they have the potential to make a positive contribution to the school; where the school children are brought-up to build a good self-image.


  1. Creating opportunities for all children to learn and achieve through our teaching by utilizing all the time we have with our students to teach, assess and advise.
  2. Providing an education which places importance on the development of the whole child, academically, intellectually, physically, emotionally and socially.


  1. Encouraging the partnership between home and school and encouraging parents to take an active part in their child's education.


  1. Providing equal opportunities at the Centre and treating all individuals fairly.


  1. Using appropriate technology to enhance the children’s learning.



We aim to achieve 100% SUCCESS RATE with students of all academic years/levels. Currently we can proudly state we have achieved 100%  success with our GCSE students from 2012 and 2013. With regards to Year 6 SATS, in 2013 we also achieved 100% success rate.



Newham London Tuition Centre

3 Kempton Road


E6 2LD

T: 0203 659 3007

M: Currently Unavailable

E: info@newhamtuition.com

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Opening hours

Monday to Thursday 09:00 - 17:00

Friday 09:00 - 19:00

Saturday 09:00 - 19:00

Sunday 11:00 - 19:00


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